September 22nd, 2016

Mountain Lake Park

Mountain Lake Park

On Sunday, D. and I decided to enjoy the Indian Summer in San Francisco by visiting the recently-restored Mountain Lake Park in the Presidio, and I took a few pics while we were there, before I got too tired.

Mountain Lake.

Pied-billed grebes are commonly found at the lake.


Coyote brush floof.

Another pied-billed grebe rests on an impromptu raft near the shoreline.

Edumacational signs ring the lake.

California asters.


A scrub jay hops around in the brush looking for things to eat.

Snowberries are high in fat and are a popular wintertime food for birds and other animals.

Decades of humans dumping non-native fish and reptiles into the lake decimated the native populations.  This depicts one of the native fish re-introduced to the lake.

Tules grow in fresh-water marshes and lakes.

This wild radish flower hosts an insect guest.

More cranesbill.

Honeysuckle berries glow in the afternoon sun.

Wood sorrel is supposedly edible, but sour.