October 1st, 2016

Saratoga Quarry Park

Saratoga Quarry Park

On Sunday D. and I visited the relatively new Saratoga Quarry Park, and I took a few pics while we were there.

We check out the remains of the quarry's loading house next to the parking lot.

Inside are historic photos from the days when it was a working quarry.

Farther along the trail is a shaded picnic area.

A tiny western fence lizard pauses on the trail.

Thistle floof.

Some of the trees are starting to show a bit of autumn color.

Poison oak puts on a colorful autumn display.

Abandoned tanks, relics from the quarry days.

Graffiti on one of the tanks ("Spece Kets" = Space Cats?? I have no idea.)

Bigleaf maple leaves are beginning to turn color.

The scenic overlook provides a view of downtown San José and the Diablo Range beyond.

Two quarry tunnels are gated off to keep the public out.

Rather than haul away this relic from the quarry era, it was retained and placed at another picnic area as a curiosity, I guess (I dunno).

A fallen bigleaf maple leaf rests on a sun-washed picnic table.

Another relic from the quarry has been turned into a bench.

This cottonwood leaf is a splash of gold on the trail.

Cotoneaster berries catch the late afternoon light.