November 10th, 2016

Land's End Coastal Trail

Land's End Coastal Trail

On Monday D. and I did a couple of errands in San Francisco, then we went to Land's End to take a stroll on the Coastal Trail before having dinner in the city.  Here are some of the pics I took.

Near the parking lot we see a little black lady beetle.

As the trail winds along the cliffs we get a peek of the Golden Gate Bridge.

A yellow flower blooms against a rock.

Helmet Rock lies just off Mile Rock Beach, with the Marin Headlands across the ocean.

Wild radish.

Poison oak can always be relied on for beautiful autumn color.

Looking back we catch another glimpse of Helmet Rock.

Ferns are sprouting up on the cliffside.

Bikes not advised.  (It's not advisable for me, either; I'm still too weak to tackle stairs like that.)

Blackberry blossoms can still be found even now in November.

The container ship Hong Kong Bridge approaches the Golden Gate, heading for the Port of Oakland.

Another look at the Golden Gate Bridge.

A spider web catches the sunset light.

Sunset through the cypress trees of Land's End.