November 19th, 2016

San José History Park

San José History Park

On a beautiful mellow autumn day last Saturday, D. and I returned to San José History Park for a couple of hours, and I took some pics.

A mural on the fence greets visitors.

Vintage trolley No. 143, built in 1922, is bright yellow, and, judging from the free ride we take, very noisy and bumpy.

Inside the car barn, we see vintage trolley No. 124, built in 1912.

Originally built in 1899, Santa Fe No. 5, a.k.a Little Buttercup, was cutesied-up to look more old-timey in 1948.

An old bright yellow Signal Gas truck from 1927 was used to deliver oil to local merchants.

In another section of the park is the Portuguese Museum, which has a beautiful stained glass piece in its transom.

The Portuguese Museum hosts this replica of the Imperio altar.

Various instruments are part of the display in the museum's basement, showcasing aspects of Portuguese-American musical culture.

Portuguese sailors were snappy dressers.

A yellow rose in bloom outside the museum.

A gazania in bloom outside another historical house in the park.

The replica of the San José Electric Tower catches the late afternoon light.

A sunflower sculpture in the gardens.

A funky cow and little sheep sculptures next to the gardens.