December 8th, 2016

Lincoln Park Steps And Coastal Trail

Lincoln Park Steps And Coastal Trail

On Monday D. and I did a couple of errands in San Francisco, then we went to see the tiled Lincoln Park Steps followed by a short stroll on the nearby Coastal Trail before having dinner in the city.  Here are some of the pics I took.

The Lincoln Park Steps are beautiful.

The details are gorgeous.

The view from the top of the steps, looking east down California St.

On the Coastal Trail, we see the Golden Gate Bridge rising up from the ocean.

A California aster seems to glow in the overcast gloom.

Looking out into the Pacific, we see oil tanker El Junior PNT bound for the refinery in Benicia, escorted by the Crowley tugboat Veteran (6,800 hp, 182,000 lbs. pulling capacity).

The view of Baker Beach from the Coastal Trail.

The trail winds along the bluffs above the ocean.

A little graffiti heart on a sawn log beside the trail.

Another view of the trail.

My fortune cookie at the kosher vegan Chinese restaurant where we have dinner later.