October 3rd, 2017

Japanese Friendship Garden

Japanese Friendship Garden

On Saturday D. and I took a little walk (with lots of stops to rest) in the Japanese Friendship Garden, which had sustained damage from the Coyote Creek flood last winter.  We found the lower koi pond empty and the tea house closed for repairs.  But we strolled around the rest of the garden, and here are some of the pics I took.

A look at the upper koi pond.  (The wire cages are protecting water lilies.)

Little fry in the shallows.

One of several water lilies in the pond.

There are koi food dispensers around the edge of the pond.  The koi know where to hang out to get snacks from people with extra quarters in their pockets.

"I can haz koi fud?"

Big beautiful koi.

"I want some too."


Colorful koi.

A mallard hen swims around the edges of the fish, looking for bits of koi chow they overlook.

Canada geese, behaving themselves very well so close to humans and trying to look cute, horn in on the eats.

Another koi joins the group.

A feeding frenzy of thrashing koi erupts.

Another goose shows up looking for snacks.

Several geese warily face off, leading to a territorial squabble.

A little green heron has a quieter section of the pond all to itself.