December 26th, 2017

San José History Park

San José History Park

On Saturday D. and I went to the San José History Park to see the Viet Museum and wander around on the grounds.  Here are some of the pics I took while wandering around on the grounds (stay tuned for pics later on this week from the park's Viet Museum and Arbuckle Gallery).

A life-size Rosie the Riveter statue greets us on the main street in the park.  She means business.

Some of the holiday ornaments on display.

An elephant planter outside the Viet Museum.

More ornaments.

Hen and chicks.

The bay window of one of the historic houses in the park.

Narcissus in bloom.

The spire atop the historic fire station.

A fancy ornament on the tree in the historic Pacific Hotel.

Lamp posts around the square are decorated for the holidays.

A white rose in bloom at the historic Gordon House.

Some of the roses are looking past their prime.

One of the many feral cats in the park.

Behind one of the historic buildings we find a cone and a covered cow sculpture.  Because, why not?