December 28th, 2017

Viet Museum

Viet Museum

On Saturday D. and I visited the Viet Museum in San José History Park. Here are some of the pics I took there (stay tuned for pics from the park's Arbuckle Gallery).

We see a model of a military cemetery (not sure where it's supposed to be, though).

Arrrngh!  This toy soldier seems to express "War is hell" very eloquently.

An aquarium full of fish (a little sign tells us to "Remember Boat People").

A miniature model of famous buildings around the world positioned cheek by jowl next to each other, including the Chartres Cathedral, Jefferson Memorial, Golden Gate Bridge (with a redwood tree growing straight up out of San Francisco Bay),  Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty, London Bridge, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Chichen Itza pyramid, Sydney Opera House, Arc De Triomphe, Great Wall of China, Empire State Building, White House, Lincoln Memorial, and the Viet Museum itself (none of which is to scale) (not to mention the pairs of random animals strewn around the scene, including lions, tigers, bears, horses, elk, elephants, giraffes and dogs, perhaps creating a Noah's Ark/Boat People parallel).

Toy tigers.

Golden Gate Bridge model, with tree sprouting up next to it from San Francisco Bay. 

A very chic telephone (not sure how that's connected to Viet Nam or the Boat People, though).

A statue of a soldier, next to the flags of Viet Nam and the United States.

Looking down the hallway of the museum out onto the grounds of the park.