February 1st, 2018

Bay Trail, Sunnyvale

Bay Trail, Sunnyvale

On Sunday D. and I decided to enjoy the beautiful sunny and mild faux-spring weather by taking a little walk on a section of the Bay Trail in Sunnyvale.  Here are some of the pics I took.

Looking up the trail.

A coot swims in a waterway next to the trail.

A flock of black-necked stilts swoops over the water.

A pied-billed grebe has excellent camouflage in this habitat.

A white pelican attends to its preening in the slough.

A kestrel surveys the landscape from atop a light pole.

A yellowlegs surveys the slough from atop a wooden pole, a relic from the salt pond days.

A look at the slough, flat as a pancake today.

A ruddy duck hen bobs up from feeding below the surface.

Cormorants bask and preen on old wood posts.

A juvenile gull settles into the slough to feed.

A rarely-seen Eurasian wigeon swims in the slough.

A snowy egret looks for things to eat along the edge of the slough.

A Gulfstream G650 business jet takes off from nearby Moffett Field.

A western pond turtle basks on abandoned salt pond equipment.

A waxing gibbous moon is a precursor to the super blue blood moon.