March 1st, 2018

National Wildlife Refuge, Fremont

National Wildlife Refuge, Fremont

On Sunday D. and I went to the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Fremont to wander around on some of the trails.  Here are the pics I took.

Looking toward Newark Slough from a tidegate leftover from the salt pond days.

A coot swims in a channel.

An abandoned gate flap from the old salt pond system of pipes lies next to the trail, rusting in the elements.

A ground squirrel pauses to snack on tender new shoots.

Blackwood acacia blossoms are like exuberant pompoms against the sky.

A great egret looks for fish in the channel.

A snowy egret pokes around near the shadow of the bridge over Newark Slough.

A yellowlegs darts around in the shallow water of the slough.

A former salt pond, now opened to the normal tidal action of the bay, glistens in the afternoon sun.

A northern harrier patrols the hillside next to the trail.

The view from the trail.

An Anna's hummingbird pauses in a tree.

Agave flower spikes, mother and child.

A clump of agaves above the trail.

A canvasback duck swims in the slough.