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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 6-17-2011 12:13 AM
Subject: Rest In Peace, Berryessa
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Rest In Peace, Berryessa

My snail Berryessa passed away sometime yesterday morning. I found her in her water dish with her breathing hole submerged. She was fine the night before when I went to bed, and on the other side of the tank from the water dish. Somehow she crawled into the water dish and rolled over onto the wrong side.

Berryessa was a Cantareus apertus, also known as the green snail, green garden snail, green burrowing snail and grunting snail (the latter because of a sort of squeaking sound it makes when disturbed). I found her one rainy afternoon last November in someone’s driveway in San Jose’s Berryessa neighborhood. Ten minutes after finding her a car pulled into the driveway and would have crushed her. I brought her home to live in the snail tank with Remington (brown garden snail) and Ozzie and Harriet (garlic snails).

Several times I was able to observe Berryessa’s heart beating through a translucent portion of her shell. Snails have a 2-chambered heart, but it beats the same as yours and mine.

Rest in peace, Berryessa. Thank you for our time together, brief as it was.

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