September 16th, 2021

Byxbee Park, With Plane Wreckage

Byxbee Park, With Plane Wreckage

Here are some pics from a surprising visit to Byxbee Park on Monday -- a small plane crash-landed in the nearby salt marsh after hitting power lines northeast of the Palo Alto Airport just ten minutes prior to our arrival at the trail head.

The twin-engine Beechcraft Baron is visible from the parking lot.  An eyewitness at Byxbee said the plane took off and began to wobble as it descended and then crashed into the marsh.  The pilot was uninjured, but the plane lost part of a wing.

The clipped power lines are visible in the upper right.

One of the many emergency vehicles at the scene -- although I'm not sure what good a ladder truck would be in this situation. 

Several of the various first responders at the scene -- police, fire, paramedic, park ranger, etc.

It seems some first responders can be looky-loos too.

A Highway Patrol rescue helicopter circles overhead checking for spilled fuel in the surrounding wetlands.

Very soon news helicopters arrive.

A regular, healthy, non-crashing plane, a Pilatus PC-12, comes in to land at the airport.

Oh, yeah, there was the nature preserve to be seen there as well.

California buckwheat.

Two views of Mayfield Slough.

A cross orb weaver spider sits in her web in a buckwheat bush.

Dead branches attest to autumn's imminent arrival.

A northern harrier sweeps over the open field looking for rodents.

Here is a screen cap of the very brief flight path on radar of the crashed Beechcraft, a mere 3 minutes long.

Here are 2 screen caps of news channel raw video footage, showing an overview of the crashed plane and its missing wing.