October 14th, 2021

Russian Ridge

Russian Ridge

Here are some pics from a visit to Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve on Monday.

Views from the trail.

California fuchsia is one of the few flowers still in bloom.

Star thistle = spiky owie.

A brilliant yellow bigleaf maple leaf.

The trail.

Dead California asters.

Dead milk thistle.

Poison oak is brilliant red in the afternoon light.

A tiny western fence lizard basks at the side of the trail.

A California bay laurel leaf near Alder Springs.

This praying mantis seems to be saying, "Oh, really?"

This leafless buckeye is full of seed pods.

A deep brown acorn on the trail.

Most of the hillsides are dry and exposed to the sun, but a few ferns manage to keep a foothold in a couple of gulches.

More dead California asters.

Dead annual grasses form a golden carpet on the hillside.

The view back up the trail from Alder Springs.