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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 5-19-2006 10:56 PM
Subject: Overheard on the bus
Security: Public
Tags:bus, n-judah, san francisco
Overheard on the bus

This morning while going downtown, the driver on my San Francisco MUNI light rail car made the following PA announcements:

"Next stop, Duboce Park. Have a nice day. . . . And remember, MUNI loves you. . . . I know that many of you do not love MUNI. But MUNI loves you anyway. . . . . . . I love you! <passengers guffawing> . . . Have a nice day. . . . Have a nice weekend. . . . Have a nice everything!" <passengers basking in the rosy glow of a brief but therapeutic moment of bonhomie>

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