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Babelfishing Poetry: "The Apple Pie Was A Priest"

Babelfishing Poetry: "The Apple Pie Was A Priest"

Hello! Friday, Friday, Friday! Woo-hoo! *fist pump*

And without further ado, here's more of Friday's Babelfishing poetry, where I take song lyrics, run them through an on-line translator such as (but not necessarily) Babelfish, convolute the punctuation a bit, and wind up with a quirky kind of poem.

This week, from long-ago, bygone, distant, ancient and prehistoric 1959, it's Frank Sinatra and "High Hopes" (watch Frank and a whole bunch of kids in a video here). Enjoy.

The Apple Pie Was A Priest

When you next visit
your chin on the ground,
there are a lot
of studying and visiting.

Just made a little old man's
comments, that he will
move rubber tree plant.
He knows it cannot move
the ant's rubber tree plant,
but there is hope.
There are high expectations
in space, and reflect
the apple pie was a priest.

So at any time to get down,
instead of letting go,
just remember that point of view.

Sorry, there goes the factory
manufacturing rubber trees.

Problems during
the call-back wall,
and there is much to learn:
that the wall could collapse.

There was a stupid old RAM,
and he thought it was
a hole in the pond.
Nobody can make
an emergency stop of the ram.

Aliadhimisha attacks in the pool,
but he was optimistic.
He said he expected
to return to the sky-high apple pie.

So whenever you feel bad, not sad,
just remember the buck.
Sorry, time to hit
100 million kilowatts;
do not go. Only you
have recently had
a rubber toy in the military
confiscated all the problems.

You will go pop.

Oops, there goes
the problem.

Kerplop, Roy.

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