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Sunday Bugs: Daisy The Spider

Sunday Bugs: Daisy The Spider

This is Daisy, my pet spider. She is a female Steatoda grossa, or false widow spider. She is related to the black widow but does not possess venom that is considered to be dangerous to humans.

Daisy is an accidental pet.  She showed up one day a couple of years ago as a spiderling that had somehow got into my snail tank.  She built herself a nest inside the little hollow coconut half-shell the snails use as a hide. I figured the spiderling would leave if it couldn't find enough to eat, so I left it alone.   She has been there over 2 years now, eating the pillbugs that live in the tank (they eat snail poop and keep the tank clean), any flies I can catch,  and whatever else gets in the tank when I put it outside in the shade for some fresh air.

Even though she is an accidental pet, I kinda like her.  She's helping me get over most of my fear of spiders.

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