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Birds in the rain/Pioneer Park

Birds in the rain/Pioneer Park

It rained today, so D. and I just sat for a spell in the doorway, smelling the rain-fresh air. Rain washed over all the nearby vegetation: redwoods at the street, almond tree and oleanders by the sidewalk, ailanthus tree across the driveway (finally recovering from a severe pruning a few weeks ago), maples in back, tall pine and eucalyptus in the neighbors' yards, acanthus and roses by the house next door. Lots of little birds flew back and forth foraging to feed their hungry nestlings, rain or no rain.

There were Oregon juncos, a California towhee, a mourning dove (only the males coo), and a little brown bird that was probably a house sparrow (judging by the song, I suspect it was), and at least one scrub jay.

I left my bird identification books at home since it would be raining this weekend and I figured we wouldn't be going anyplace where I'd need to know what bird just flew by. Little did I know they'd be right outside the front door.

At sundown D. and I were able to take our walk to a nearby city park anyway, since the rain had let up but it was still cloudy. We admired the gardens in the neighborhood and had a nice stroll through Pioneer Park. Pioneer Park is a beautiful patch of green space located between the library and the Civic Center in downtown Mountain View. It's shaded by giant valley oak trees and covered with rolling lawns and ringed by other species of lovely specimen trees. It's a quiet, peaceful and serene place, with a little rock garden donated by Mountain View's sister city of Iwata, Japan. It also used to be a cemetery. We found a marker stone for a time capsule from 1976 buried there, to be opened in 2026. Gee, I can hardly wait!

During our walk we were amazed at all the snails that had come out and were cruising around on the grass and sidewalks everywhere. One of them was even crawling along the side of Osiris's truck! Snails are amazing creatures.

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