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Bayfront Park Birds

Bayfront Park Birds

On Saturday, D. and I returned to Bayfront Park to look at the birds, and I took these pics.

The tidal lagoon where the waterfowl are.

A snowy egret at the edge of the lagoon.

The lagoon hosts many northern shovelers today.

Northern shovelers are common winter residents at the park.

The northern shoveler forages by swimming along with its bill lowered into the water, straining out small crustaceans and other invertebrates.

The northern shoveler's bill is wider at the tip than at the base and is lined with tiny teeth, called lamellae, along the edges, for straining food from water.

Another look at the lagoon.

More northern shoveler pics.

It is uncommon for them to up-end themselves like this and dabble to feed, but almost every shoveler in this flock does so.

The shoveler in the foreground, with its head twisted, shows a good profile of its wide, spatulate bill.

There are a few other birds around besides shovelers.

This strange duck is some kind of mallard hybrid.

Mallards are known to interbreed with many other species of duck, but I cannot say for certain what species this particular duck's other parent might have been.  
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