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Autumn in Bayfront Park

Autumn in Bayfront Park

Autumn in Bayfront Park.

There is a landfill underfoot.

Weeds are dried out and casting their seeds to the winds.

The abandoned salt ponds turn bright red as evaporation causes the salinity to rise and the alga Dunaliella to proliferate.

The tidal lagoon is an oasis for migrating waterfowl.


Marsh gumplant seed pods.

The tiny flower of *Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum.

The Void.

Pockets of algae grow among the cordgrass edging the lagoon.

Power lines.

Looking across Flood Slough toward the Port of Redwood City.

Someone has thrown caution to the weeds.

Tide gates connect the lagoon with Flood Slough.

A feral cat is on the hunt in the abandoned sewage treatment plant behind the park.

Razor wire keeps folks from prowling around the abandoned sewage treatment plant.

Strange devices remain behind on the grounds of the treatment plant.

Graffiti on a truck behind the razor wire.

Sump 3.

The Odd Couple.

Near the landfill's methane recovery plant, there is evidence of a fire.

Industrial pigeons.

Safety first.

A European mantis navigates a stark lunar-like landscape looking for arthropods on which to prey.

Autumn running rampant on the hill behind the methane recovery plant.

Late afternoon sun washes over an abandoned sewage treatment plant outbuilding sitting empty in the autumn marsh.

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