pahavit (pahavit) wrote,

The Shadow

The Shadow

the shadow asks us to walk towards it
and we step closer,
not seeing the shadow.

the shadow asks us to come closer
and we comply,
with simple and trusting faces.

uncomrehending, we trust the shadow.

the shadow stays anonymous.
the shadow will not reveal its true cause.
the shadow will not reveal its true intentions.
the shadow intrudes.

the shadow intrudes as we try to walk forward.
the shadow intrudes into our path.
our path takes us into the shadow.

we walk toward it willingly,
not knowing it is the shadow.

we think it is innocent.
we think it is harmless.
we cannot see the shadow behind us,
its ravenous, distended wake ever coupled to us.

we do not see the shadow
until it is far too late.

we are thrown off-balance.
we are hobbled by the shadow.
we are felled.

the past unspools dizzily behind us.

the shadow looms at the brink.

the shadow intrudes.

the shadow will destroy us
and demand of us why we destroy it,
even as it rends us.

the shadow weeps only for itself
even as it sunders us,
even as it ignores our own tortured tears.

the shadow is servant to its own shadow.

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