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The Baylands

The Baylands

On Saturday after my daily blood draw for the research study I'm in, D. and I went over to the Baylands Nature Preserve for a couple of hours, and I took a few pics.

The former Sea Scouts building is visible across the slough.

A golden-crowned sparrow in non-breeding plumage perches next to the parking lot.

A view of Hooks Island on the edge of San Francisco Bay.

It does not escape from the stride of the omnipresent high-tension power lines.

Coyote brush blooms between August and December.

Power lines peek above the coyote brush by the parking lot.

This is not a pile of rubble.  Well, it is a pile of rubble, but it is also a sculpture made from concrete dock blocks. It is called "The Point," made by Richard F. Shirley and John M. Kennedy, and it is dedicated to "the beauty and poetry of the Baylands."

This particular sculpture doesn't exactly set my art boat afloat, but the ground squirrels seem to like scampering around and under it.

In the afternoon sun, the concrete blocks become abstract faces, stark landscapes and tiny gardens.

This block was chosen by a mud dauber wasp for a nest site.

More concrete blocks.

Pelicans are very graceful fliers in spite of their large size.

And they have orange feet.


This sparrow looks ill.  It sits, dull and motionless, with beak open and feathers ruffled, unresponsive to our presence nearby.

A channel through the pickleweed and cord grass carries the ebbing tide into San Francisco Bay.

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