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Return to Bayfront Park

Return to Bayfront Park

On Saturday after my daily blood draw for the research study I'm in, D. and I went over to Bayfront Park (home to The Void) for a couple of hours, and I took a few pics.

A milk snail estivates on the brush next to the abandoned salt crystallization pond.

We discover Son of Void in the salt pond.  This one is red.

Dead flies on crystallized salt.

Geese have walked through this brine puddle.

There are many snails estivating in the brush here.

The original Void looks like a baleful eye.

For comparison, pic of void on Oct. 1.

Pic of void on Sept. 25.

Pic of void on July 16.

The salt crust surrounding what's left of the crystallization pond is thick and hardened.

Do you tire of salt?

Canada goose in the lagoon.

Snowy egret in Flood Slough.

Black-necked stilt.

A mixed flock of shorebirds gathers in the lagoon.  About 30 different species of birds breed at the park. Many others, including shorebirds and other waterfowl, use the park for resting and refueling during the spring and fall migrations.

A coot goes for a peaceful swim in Flood Slough.

There are several green-winged teals in the lagoon.

A great blue heron is fishing in the slough.

The hybrid mallard in Flood Slough.

Flood Slough.

A weathered log lies among the dry autumn grasses beside the slough.

It's going to be hard for the person who lost their dog to know it's been found. 

Dried fennel seed heads reach above us into the sun.

Some fennel is still in bloom.

Somehow this shopping cart has wound up in Flood Slough.

Some of the Cargill salt ponds are here.  I get the feeling they don't want us to go into that area.  Just a feeling we're not wanted . . .

We'll be gone by then.

Fish out of water.

Northern shovelers and black-necked stilts in the lagoon.

We happen across a small, isolated patch of feral gazanias.

Looking east from the crest of a hill.

The dry autumn grasses are as tall as I am.

This is what the top of a repurposed landfill looks like.  That's several decades of Menlo Park garbage underfoot (well-buried).

This mystery device alongside a path gurgles and burps every couple of minutes, its hoses jerking slightly in the process.  I suspect it is a landfill flow metering device, but what do I know?   Sometimes I just guess about these things. 

And this being a landfill and all, there are monitoring wells throughout the park, to make sure nothing icky is oozing out where it's not supposed to be.

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