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Today's Field Trip: A Mystery and a Carousel

Today's Field Trip: A Mystery and a Carousel

Today D. and I went to explore a mystery. Just south of Monster Park (formerly Candlestick Park) in San Francisco, right on the Bay barely within the Brisbane city limits, is a mysterious tower. No one seems to know what it is, what it's for, or who built it. It's right at the beginning of the San Francisco section of the Bay Trail, but it doesn't seem to be connected to it. There's a description of it here.

We continued walking along the Bay Trail toward Monster Park and Candlestick Point State Recreation Area, and found some kind of unusual art piece in the trail's paving. Part of it was irregular rounded forms about 2' high, in red, black, yellow and aqua. A little farther along was another section in colors, but level. We couldn't find any plaque or sign or artist's signature or any sort of explanation of what the hell all that stuff was. Was the unusual paving connected to the tower, or was it unrelated? The whole place was a mystery.

There was no mystery, however, about the dead leopard shark we saw lodged in a reed bed (it was low tide). The fish was about 5' or 6' long, just about full-grown. Leopard sharks frequent rocky reefs (often in the vicinity of kelp beds) and bays with muddy or sandy bottoms. They feed primarily on invertebrates and small fish, such as crabs, shrimp, octopi, fat innkeeper worms (Urechis caupo), clam siphons, anchovies, herring, gobies, rockfishes, sanddabs, bat rays, and a variety of fish eggs.

After lunch we took a look at the carousel in Golden Gate Park, near the Children's Playground. Originally built in 1914 and designed to run on steam, it was restored and updated about 20 years ago. In addition to riding horses, you could also ride a lion, tiger, deer, camel, giraffe, cat, ostrich, or a really coolio sea dragon. Super cool!

We strolled around the nearby picturesque Sharon Building, built in 1888. Nowadays it's used as a studio for art classes for kids and adults.

By then my legs didn't really want to walk anymore, so we came home soon after.

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