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Los Trancos In The Mist

Los Trancos In The Mist

On a misty Saturday, D. and I went back to Los Trancos Open Space Preserve, and I took some pics.

A look at the misty meadow by the parking lot.

Mist droplets cling to the dried grasses.

Misty mosses grow on logs.

We see the first mushrooms of the fall, in the misty woods.

Lichens love misty days, soaking up moisture from the air.

The trail leads deeper into the misty forest.

Mist droplets on California honeysuckle.

Through a break in the trees we get a misty view across the San Andreas Fault.

Droplets of mist coat twigs and spider webs in the woods.

The woods are silent and still, made even more so by deafness caused by the 2,200' elevation and ears that refuse to adjust by popping.  In a clearing, a northern harrier glides past, appearing out of and disappearing back into the mist soundlessly.

Misty moss, lush on tree trunks.

More mist-coated grasses.

More views of misty hillsides.

Mist droplets on a fallen madrone leaf.

The Green Road (an old ranch road from the days before the nature preserve).

Fire-charred logs litter the side of the trail.

This bit of misty lichen looks like it is going to reproduce.

Either that, or the aliens have landed (and they're really tiny and look like misty lichen).

Have I mentioned that it's very misty here?

This pine tree trunk bears a mantle of moss and lichen.

Mist droplets cling intimately to pine needles in the silent woods.

Subdued autumn color is visible in the misty meadow across the road.

Another look at the Green Road in the mist.

Poison oak leaves turn brilliant red in autumn.

Another misty view across the chaparral.

A lone walnut tree, nearly leafless, stands like a sentinel on the misty hillside, a remnant from the ranching days.

More misty moss in the woods.

Fungi in the misty forest.

Looking back out of the forest toward the sentinel walnut tree.

Bull thistle, still blooming very late in the year.

Weeds along the trail are a monochromatic study.

Coyote brush, glazed with mist droplets.

A couple of golden asters lend a bright bit of color to the gray.

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