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Sunday Afternoon Walk

Sunday Afternoon Walk

On Sunday afternoon D. and I took a walk through the neighborhood, and I took these pics.

Right outside our front door we are greeted with brilliant autumn color in the Chinese pistache trees.

Maple leaves have fallen into the neighbor's dog's water dish.

The stunning foliage continues in the next block on a crape myrtle.

Down the block in an office park, a black squirrel scampers up a tree with a snack in its mouth.

Sweet gum leaves litter the office park lawns.

Sweet gums are the only trees whose leaves I've seen actually turn pink in autumn.

Around the corner, a cryptic message awaits us in a closed parking lot slated for housing construction.

Up the next street, maple leaves glow like rubies in the sun.

The low angle of the sun brings out the textures on the back of this plane tree leaf.

A huge birch towering over us is like a fountain of gold.

Another look at a brilliant back-lit maple tree on the next street before we head home.

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