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Today's field trip: dancing; roses; statues; UFOs! (sort of)

Today's field trip: dancing; roses; statues; UFOs! (sort of)

This morning on our way to the Used Rubber USA studio sale in the Haight-Ashbury, D. and I saw 2 sets of footprints stenciled on the sidewalk, and the instruction "dance here" in between. So we aligned our feet and did so. For a brief moment.

Used Rubber USA had products from their website on sale, plus dozens of discounted wallets, seconds, and discontinued items. I got my Kelly bag from them about a year ago, and today D. bought me a wallet for a Solstice present.

After lunch we took a look at the rose garden in Golden Gate Park. On the way we went through the Music Concourse. At the far end we saw an elaborate memorial to  Francis Scott Key.   We also went past the Redwood Memorial Grove, which honors those who fought in the Spanish-American War and WW I. Not quite as magnificent as Muir Woods, but still nice. I hadn't even known there was a redwood grove in Golden Gate Park in the first place (outside of the redwood nature trail in the San Francisco Botanical Garden at Strybing Arboretum).

After admiring the roses and stopping to smell just about every single one, we found an interesting collection of statues outside the de Young Museum. There was a statue of a kid peashooting a frog; a statue of 2 penguins; something that looked like a Neanderthal version of "The Thinker"; one of a kid riding a seahorse; and a set of real tree stumps and another set of fake tree stump sculptures identical to the real stumps.  Sometimes I just don't get "art."

But sometimes I do. There was also a lion statue by the road. Osiris said it looked like he was getting scratched behind his ear. He was leaning forward with his head cocked at an angle and he really did look like he was getting a nice scritchy-scratch on his head. He was smaller than life-size too, so it was really inviting to go up to him and pat him on his snout and say "Nice kitty!"

By the museum's lily pond there were a couple of musicians playing really cool music; one of them was using these totally coolio UFO-looking drums. It sounded harp-like at times. The tones it produced were amazingly diverse.

On our way back past the bandshell in the Music Concourse we saw more statues, this time appropriately of Verdi and Beethoven. Here's a nice pic of the bandshell. They don't build 'em like that anymore, do they?

Then we had dinner with friends at a neighborhood restaurant to end off the evening. A very pleasant day.

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