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Stevens Creek County Park

Stevens Creek County Park

On Saturday D. and I went to Stevens Creek County Park, and I took these pics.

Sycamore sky.

Stevens Creek Tony Look Trail.

Canopy overhead.

Sycamore leaf.


Stevens Creek.

Sycamore sky.

Alder strobiles (cones).

Floating sycamore leaf.

Plants in creek shallows.

Cottonwood leaf.

The trail.

Seed floofs.

Bigleaf maple leaf.

Sycamore sky.


Backwater below the dam.

Another sycamore sky.

Broken buckeye.

Graffiti near the dam's spillway.

Lucky post.

Sycamore and power line.

More power lines.

Power lines across the canyon.

Nearing the dam.

Dead thistles.

Looking up the dam's spillway.

The water in the reservoir is low enough to expose the warning sign on the edge of the spillway.

Looking down the spillway from the top of the dam.

The buoy in front of the spillway is high and dry.

Floats afloat in the reservoir.

At the reservoir's shore, all the elements are present: cool air, calm water, dry earth, and the diamond-fire of sun glinting on the reservoir's surface.

And, for a moment, we pause, because there is equilibrium. Eventually, the wind shifts and the sun slides farther along in the sky, fading in the water and deepening the shadows. And so, we go home.
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