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Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve

On Saturday D. and I went to Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve, and I took these pics.

On Alpine Rd. near the preserve, we see a hardhat hanging from a utility pole.

A contrail slices through the sky.

The view northeast across the Santa Clara Valley toward Mt. Diablo from the scenic overlook on Skyline Blvd.  It's a hazy day.

Looking at Mindego Hill, on the left, from the Alder Spring Trail.

Some more views from the trail.

Coming around the bend at the head of a gulch along the trail.

Mindego Hill is an ancient volcanic chimney that used to be under water and down around Los Angeles elebenty million years ago (the San Andreas Fault is only 3 miles away and has been dragging it north all this time).

A buckeye butterfly pauses on the dusty trail.


A couple more views from the Alder Spring Trail.

At a spring, one little rigid hedge nettle is in bloom.

Dead thistle.

Live thistles.

Looking back toward the ridge from the trail.

The alders at Alder Spring.

Russian Ridge.

Looking west.  The Pacific Ocean would be visible with less haze.

Dead wildflowers.

Another dead thistle.

A stand of lichen-covered California buckeyes stretch their limbs up toward the low winter sun.

Lichen-covered stone.

Limbs in repose.

Dormant buckeyes and Russian Ridge.

Looking west from near the top of the ridge, on our way home.

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