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El Sereno Open Space Preserve

El Sereno Open Space Preserve

On Sunday while our ill cat was undergoing tests at the veterinary specialist hospital, D. and I decided to head down the highway to El Sereno Open Space Preserve to get away from the stress for a couple of hours, and I took these pics.

From 2400' elevation, looking into the southern Santa Clara Valley.

Montevina Ridge Trail.

Looking south toward Monterey Bay, which would probably be visible if there was less haze.

Another trail pic. (It's a very hazy day.)

At the junction of the Aquinas Trail, we find a baby shoe in the dirt.

We continue up the Montevina Ridge Trail.

An exposed rock face on the side of the trail.

A view of Mt. Umunhum in neighboring Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve across Highway 17.

Coyote brush floofs.

More views from the trail.

Antennae at the preserve boundary at Bohlman Rd., where we turn around to get to the Aquinas Trail.

Mustard blossoms.

A swarm of ants going nuts in an isolated clump of grass clippings in the middle of the trail. 

Another glimpse of Mt. Um.

Have I mentioned it's a very hazy day?

A view northeast into the Santa Clara Valley and the Hamilton Range from the Aquinas Trail.

A view southeast toward the Lexington Reservoir.

A survey marker in the trail.

Acorn cups look like a cluster of satellite dishes.

A view back along the trail showing one of the many hills that tire me out.

Another view of the Lexington Reservoir from about 2400'.

Another view into the Santa Clara Valley.

That lump to the the left on the horizon is Mt. Diablo.

A woodsy stretch of the Aquinas Trail as it goes through a shady gulch.

Then it's out into the open again.

Back at the parking area, a western scrub jay sits on a wire near our car.

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