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Ravenswood Open Space Preserve

Ravenswood Open Space Preserve

On a mostly cloudy and windy Saturday afternoon, D. and I spent some time at Ravenswood Open Space Preserve at the edge of San Francisco Bay, and I took these pics.

The preserve adjoins Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, which allows hunting. Sometimes.

The preserve also used to belong to Cargill Salt, which had salt evaporation ponds here before they sold the land to be used as public open space and to restore the natural salt marshes that used to ring San Francisco Bay.  One pond is still in use by Cargill, where they are upgrading their pipeline that sends sea water across the bay for further processing at their complex in Newark.

There are some birds about, braving the chill wind.

A snowy egret glides across the pond.

The curlew uses its long curved bill to probe into the mud for little creatures to eat.

The Dumbarton Bridge.

Former salt pond SF2, now a restored habitat for shorebirds.

Shorebirds at rest.

The marbled godwit and the yellowlegs are other birds that probe in the mud with their long bills.

Itchy curlew is itchy.

The American wigeon winters in this region.

Clark's grebe is extremely similar to the western grebe, but it has white in front of the eyes and a brighter yellow bill.

In the distance, the Hetch Hetchy water pipeline and the abandoned Dumbarton Rail line can be seen.

Looking across the salt marsh, with the pipeline in the distance.

Looking northwest across the salt pond, which is now open to the tides again and is full of nesting islands for the shorebirds.

A snowy egret comes in for a landing in the pickleweed.

The clouds look quite menacing, but the rain holds off.

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