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Windy Hill Open Space Preserve

Windy Hill Open Space Preserve

On Saturday, D. and I went on a walk at Windy Hill Open Space Preserve, and I took these pics.


Greater periwinkle.

Banana slug.

Milkmaids, a broccoli relative.

Little mushrooms poke up through the forest floor.

Betsy Crowder Trail winds through the woods.

A leaflet of poison oak gleams in a shaft of sunlight piercing the forest.

A tiny fern frond reaches into the light.

Hound's tongue is superficially similar to forget-me-nots, except its flower has no yellow at the center.

A dead tree has ganoderma fungi growing out of its trunk.

Fungi help to break down the nutrients in the dead tree and release them back into the environment for new life to use.

False Solomon's seal is in the asparagus family.

California buttercup.

Long-beaked filaree.

Blue-eyed grass is purple and not a true grass.

I don't know why it's called blue-eyed grass. 

Betsy Crowder Trail moves out of the forest and onto a grassy ridge.

Scarlet pimpernel is a real flower and not just some fictional literary dude from the French Revolution. 


The bigleaf maples and live oaks are flowering now.

An old fence on the Spring Ridge Trail is from the ranching era.

The huge limbs of a valley oak are coming into leaf overhead.

At Sausal Pond, there are little fishies (Gambusia affinis) in the water.

And there are birdies on the water.

Sausal Pond.


It's bath time for a pair of coots.

I've never seen a coot's foot before.  I never knew they had blue feet. 

A little garden of thistles and grasses is growing out of the duff accumulated in the crotch of this huge oak.

The spillway of Sausal Pond flows into Sausal Creek, which flows into Corte Madera Creek, which flows into San Francisquito Creek, which flows into San Francisco Bay 11 miles later, and eventually reaches the Pacific Ocean at the Golden Gate 36 miles further along.

And then it goes . . . who knows where? 

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