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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 4-19-2012 12:17 AM
Subject: ME/CFS Quotes
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Tags:disability/medical, me/cfs
ME/CFS Quotes

I tend not to write much about having ME/CFS here, for a variety of reasons. It's partly due to what the illness itself does to me cognitively, robbing me of my language skills little by little as each year passes. That's probably the main reason my posts here have become so pic-heavy in the past couple of years -- it's just easier to let my visually-oriented right hemisphere call the shots and put up some pics instead of struggling for hours to come up with a few paltry words that don't even come close to the real concepts, experiences and ideas I was actually trying to convey, as my left hemisphere shuts down further and further.

So this recent blog entry by a fellow ME/CFS patient really struck home with me. It's a collection of quotes about the illness, mainly from researchers and clinicians who study and treat ME/CFS but also from patients as well. And when all assembled in one place, the cumulative impact of the scope and severity of the illness is staggering -- and so is the outrage regarding the government's seeming insistance on impeding all meaningful research into the physiological foundations of the illness.

Some choice quotes:
“In my experience, it is one of the most disabling diseases that I care for, far exceeding HIV disease except for the terminal stages.”—Dr .Daniel Peterson, ME/CFS clinician (Introduction to Research and Clinical Conference, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, October 1994; published in JCFS 1995:1:3-4:123-125).

“…for those who have studied the disease for many years, it is apparent that the most serious issue in CFS is a kind of brain malfunction that may be caused by an infectious agent, or some other source that is, so far, poorly understood. But for most practitioners who can barely keep up with their schedules, it is vastly easier to dismiss an illness as imaginary than to grapple with brain physiology.”—Dr. David Bell, CFS clinician and researcher (Faces of CFS, ebook).

Read more here: Thoughts About M.E.: Quotes

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