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Skyline Ridge Open Space: Old Page Mill Trail

Skyline Ridge Open Space: Old Page Mill Trail

On Sunday D. and I went to Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve to take a walk on the Old Page Mill Trail, and I took these pics.

An inauspicious start through a corrugated metal tunnel under Alpine Road from the parking lot gives no hint to the lovely sights awaiting us beyond.

Red-stemmed filaree.

A trefoil.

California buttercup.

Alpine Pond.

A raven hanging around the Nature Center at Alpine Pond.



At a weir on the west side of Alpine Pond, two salamanders are swimming.

Wood strawberry flower.

Old Page Mill Trail.

As we pass by the preserve staff residence we see feral flowers, garden escapees.

Milkmaids, a broccoli relative.

The trail winds deeper into the woods.

Poison oak.

Ferns and their interesting architecture.

Two little flies investigate a miner's lettuce flower.

Hound's tongue.

There are lots of wood strawberry blossoms.

False Solomon's seal loves the shady canyons.

The woods are still and silent, except for the splashing of several springs flowing into Lambert Creek and the occasional alarm calls from Steller's jays.

One of a few dozen giant trilliums growing along the trail.

Wild radish reaches up into the light.

New growth on a bigleaf maple glows in the sun.

This trillium catches a patch of sun.

The trail and woods.

A grassy meadow.

Blue-eyed grass.

Fernald's iris is yellow.

We arrive back at Alpine Pond and find a mallard and a piece of rusted farm equipment.


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