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Henry W. Coe State Park

Henry W. Coe State Park

On Sunday D. and I went to Henry W. Coe State Park, and I took these pics.

The view from the Visitor Center parking lot.

Inside the Visitor Center, we are greeted by a stuffed mountain lion.

That's probably the closest I'll ever get to one.

The Visitor Center had a touchy-feely exhibit -- stick your hand in the box and guess what's inside.

The Visitor Center is in the original ranch house dating back to when Henry Coe had his Pine Ridge Ranch here.  One room has a barbed wire exhibit.

We enjoy an iris on the grounds of the Visitor Center before setting out on our walk.

We see lots of wildflowers as we head up the Monument Trail.

Views from the Monument Trail.

Blue-Eyed grass is a common springtime sight.

This pine inflorescence will turn into a pine cone and be full of seeds for the next generation.

The Monument Trail goes through a woodsy stretch on its way to the crest of the ridge.

A bench is situated at a switchback to take advantage of a nice view.

The newly leafed-out oaks are commanding presences on the hillsides.

The canopy overhead.

California buttercup.

Popcorn flower.

More ookow.

Monument Trail.

Oak violet.

These trees are like sentinels on the hilltop.

Serpentine linanthus.

Ground iris looks like a little dwarf iris.

Henry Coe's daughter Sada had a monument to him placed in one of the meadows on Pine Ridge.

Buttercup and beetle.

One of the huge ponderosa pines on the Ponderosa Trail.  They can grow to be well over 200 feet tall.

The view atop Pine Ridge.

Red maids, another springtime wildflower.

Ponderosa Trail.

Owl's clover.

Water trickles into a trough along the trail to the primitive Sierra Vista camp, which has only an outhouse and a picnic table.  The water must be purified if campers use it.

Manzanita Point Road Trail, an old fire road.

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