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Pahavit's Universe

Date: 3-28-2005 8:53 PM
Subject: second chemo
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Tags:cat, chemo, patrick
second chemo

Patrick had his second chemo treatment today at SFVS. All this week he was the same as last week, no better and no worse since the initial chemo treatment. He's been throwing up at least once a day all week, and still has had diarrhea every day (sometimes not completely in the litter box either), and he lost about half a pound this week.

But Dr. S. said the mass in Patrick's abdomen felt smaller today. And when we got home after the treatment, Patrick didn't run and hide. He actually went over to his food right away and helped himself to a snack. And he was purring! He didn't seem traumatized from the appointment like he usually does. I spent about 15 minutes just petting him and telling him I was so happy that he seemed okay and grateful that we were home together in the soft afternoon sunlight in peace.

I know this doesn't necessarily mean he'll be okay, and I'm still taking things one day at a time, but I feel like for at least a brief interval today the universe smiled upon us. And no matter how things turn out in the end, I'll always be grateful for this afternoon's little private moment in Eden.

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