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Permanente Creek Trail

Permanente Creek Trail

On Sunday D. and I took a walk on the newly-opened Permanente Creek Trail extension over US Highway 101, and I took these pics.

At the trailhead, we are disappointed to find we can't have the whole trail to ourselves.

A graceful wave motif swirls along the side of the ramp leading beneath Old Middlefield Way.

What's a field trip without power lines?  These come complete with crow.

Why yes, it is carved in stone.

Looking through the tunnel under Old Middlefield Way, with the Highway 101 overpass rising behind it.

Along the ramp and in the tunnel are bas relief panels of flora and fauna typical to the local Permanente Creek habitat.

Even the trench grate drain covers in the tunnel echo the wave motif.

We are cautioned upon exiting the tunnel.

We'll duck.

This is intended for cyclists.

If we go any slower, we'll be moving backwards.

Danger, Will Robinson.

Upon reaching the overpass at Highway 101, we see more panels of local fauna.

On the other side of 101, we look back to the overpass.

There are algae forests in the creek.

A great egret is hunting in the creek.

Looking south toward the highway and the Santa Cruz Mountains in the distance.

Have I mentioned there is a lot of algae?

Mama mallard and youngster ducks in the creek.

A snowy egret is hunting in the creek farther along.

Looking north past Google's world headquarters campus toward San Francisco Bay.

The snowy egret again.

Wild radish.

Mallow flower and seed pods.

The buckeye is nearing the end of its blooming season and will drop its leaves soon to go dormant for the hot, dry summer.

A mallard drake.  Papa duck.

Elderberries are ripening.

Milk snails living along the creek bank are estivating for the summer.

Not all snails survive.

Other plants besides the mallow are setting seed pods.

A couple of mourning doves forage along the side of the trail.

A great egret is poised along the railing for the Highway 101 overpass ramp.

A look at the overpass and some of the construction equipment used for building it.

We turn around to backtrack around to the other side of the creek, and what do we see but the egret again, this time in a huge tree at the side of the trail.

The long ramp up and over Highway 101.

A crow sits on a light fixture in a Google headquarters parking lot next to the trail.

It has been a hot day, but the breeze coming up the creek channel from the Bay is pleasant.  And as the afternoon sun sinks lower in the west, the trail takes us home.

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