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Stevens Creek Trail Extension

Stevens Creek Trail Extension

On Sunday D. and I went to the newly-opened Stevens Creek Trail Extension across Highway 85, and I took a few pics.

Looking into Stevens Creek from the bridge in Sleeper Park onto the trail.  The creek runs below ground in the dry summer.

The trail here runs under the PG&E right of way, so power lines escort us.

Some of the new trail signs have crib notes written on the back.

One of the newly-planted native wildflowers along the trail.

On the overpass itself, we get views of Highway 85.

The median must be a harrowing place for that construction porta-loo (bottom center of pic).


On the other side of the overpass, we see a couple of sandbags weighing down some shade cloth between the trail overpass ramp and the highway soundwall.

Some pics of the overpass itself.

Due to the high security fencing along the ramps and overpass, it was a challenge to get any unobstructed pics from the overpass or of the overpass itself.

Canary Island ivy is part of the landscaping at the overpass footing.

Another sign with crib notes on the back.

Why do they need an arrow when all they'd have to do is look at the front to see which way was up? 

A mini-forest of stakes supports chicken wire to protect the new landscaping.

This looks like a peach, but it's really an almond fruit, growing on a tree alongside the trail.

I don't think almond fruits are edible, just the seed inside the pit.

The end. 

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