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Jos. D. Grant Co. Park, March 2008

Jos. D. Grant Co. Park, March 2008

While poking around in my photo files, I found some pics I took on a trip to Joseph D. Grant County Park in March 2008 that I never posted, so here they are today (seeing as I didn't go on a field trip this week due to medical problems and have no new pics to post).  (I think this was the trip when I got poison oak from going off trail into the brush and not being able to recognize the plant without its leaves, because it was very early spring at the time and the shrubs and vines were still bare.)

A moss-encrusted fence post along Mt. Hamilton Road is still green from recent rains.

McCreery Pond.

A hillside with deciduous and live oaks.

Lichens encrust a tree in the woods in a tangle of shapes and textures.

A little waterfall in the woods along the stream between McCreery Pond and Grant Lake.

The picturesque hills of Grant Park, which used to be a private ranch but is now a county park where all can enjoy its beautiful landscapes.

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