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Jos. D. Grant Co. Park, May 2008

Jos. D. Grant Co. Park, May 2008

This has been another week when I didn't get out on a field trip due to medical problems, so I poked around in my files and found pics of yet another trip to Joseph D. Grant County Park that I never got around to posting, this time from a hazy day in early May 2008.

Grant Lake.

We set out on the Los Huecos Trail, heading east up toward a ridge.

Poison oak and its flowers.

A view to the northeast.

These days, an uphill climb like this would not be possible for me.

Lick Observatory atop Mt. Hamilton comes into view to the east.  It's the little white blob in the center.

Turkey vultures soar on the afternoon thermals.

A few more views from along the trail.

The uphill tree.

Another peek at the observatory.

It's hazy.

One last glimpse of the observatory as we turn around and head back.


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