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Friday Night Dream

Friday Night Dream: The Instrument And The Aquarium

I dreamed I kept a very large musical instrument in a case in my back yard, and had to work a strange combination lock to open the case.  The lock involved not just numbers but letters too, like a password, and also pictorial images (one of which was a cartoony picture of Governor Schwarzenegger's face).  It was a very complicated process to unlock to case to access the instrument (which I could barely play anyway but hoped to master in time), but it was also very secure there in the back yard.

Then there was a scummy aquarium right outside the bedroom window.  It was clouded with algae, and strange little objects were barely visible floating aimlessly through the murk.  It was difficult to tell if they were small creatures or merely clumps of muck aggregated together.  There was no air filter or pump, so the water got gunky really quickly.  D. decided to get rid of some old leftover chayote squash in the refrigerator so he put it in the aquarium, and suddenly a large catfish-like creature materialized and began hungrily eating chunks out of the squash pieces floating on the surface of the water.

Then a baby raccoon came out of the water and nuzzled against me.  It was dry even though it appeared to have come up out of the aquarium where it had been living.  It was very friendly and affectionate for a wild creature, and it appeared to be living alone without any parents or siblings nearby.

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