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SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge 2

SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge 2

Today D. and I went back to the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge. We'd been on a docent-led twilight marsh walk there a few weeks ago, and returned today to see the refuge in full daylight. In the breezy sunshine we walked along the Tidelands Trail, which runs on a levee between a salt evaporation pond and a slough, then rises up along a hill with lovely views ranging from San Bruno Mountain to Mt Sutro and its tower in San Francisco (barely visible in the haze) to the clustered high-rises of Oakland and San Jose, and all points in between.

Although this evening I'm quite tired and achy, today was a wonderful day in the fresh air and breezy sunshine. I felt as free as one of the turkey vultures we saw, riding the blessing of bright winds all afternoon long. My body is tired and achy, but my spirit is refreshed.

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