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Dream About Won-Ton

Dream About Won-Ton

I am riding a bike through a large city park not unlike Golden Gate Park, with Won-ton trotting along beside me.

I am not very good at bike-riding so I am riding very slowly so that I don't fall, and also for Won-Ton to keep up with my pace.  She's keeping up pretty well with me in spite of getting slightly distracted now and then by various things and wanting to lag behind to investigate them.   But by and large she wants to follow along, almost like a dog on a walk.

D. is on his way in from out of town and we have arranged to meet him at a certain intersection in the park at a certain time, and he will give us all a ride back home.

As we near the rendezvous point we are still a little early so I go down a side road in the park to kill some time.  There is a huge blue gum log lying along the side of the road and Won-Ton hops up onto it to sniff it and scratch her claws.  I go only about another 100' to where the road exits the park and do a U-turn to come back.  Won-Ton is right there next to me, sniffing the ground.  I retrace my route back down the side road, glancing behind to see if Won-Ton is coming along or not.  Even though I am going slower and slower, she drops farther and farther behind.  More cyclists and more cars appear on the road and I have to pay attention to them instead of Won-Ton to avoid colliding with them as I make my way back to the intersection.

Reaching the intersection safely, I turn back but I don't see Won-Ton anywhere.  I peer down the side road.  No Won-Ton.  This part of the park is getting more and more crowded with pedestrians, cyclists and cars: tons of opportunities for distraction, fright, injury.  My heart sinks.  Is she all right?  Has someone made a grab for her?  Is she hurt, has she been hit by a car?  

I begin calling her name, desperately shouting, "Won!  Won!!  Where are you?!", causing those around me to turn their heads and stare.  (They think I am calling "Juan! Juan!", which was our first name for her before we realized she was a girl.)

In anguish I call and call, louder and louder, but she does not appear.  Just as I decide I have to plow through the increasingly crowded intersection and hope I can find her, the dream changes before I have a chance to get back on my bike.  I never get a chance to go get her.

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