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Oyster Point

Oyster Point

After doing an errand in San Francisco on Saturday, D. and I went to nearby Oyster Point in South San Francisco for a stroll (it's flat with a paved trail), and I took these pics.

The marina.

A dog enjoys a dip in the bay near a picnic area.

The water.

I really wish people wouldn't dump their unwanted pets in local parks. 

Swim at your own risk.

Oxalis in bloom along the trail.

A small beach by the marina.

Some boats at the marina.

A hummingbird on the lookout for nectar buzzes the trail.

The remains of a seagull's lunch litters the grass alongside the trail.

One of the 187,642 daisies in the grass alongside the trail.

Ceanothus, also known as California lilac.

Another look at the marina.

The sign on the breakwater says Keef Off.

Iceplant (Hottentot fig, sea fig).

A least sandpiper probes around the rocks for things to eat.

A coot goes for a swim near the marina.

An immature Western gull contemplates life on the breakwater.

Looking east across San Francisco Bay.

A mallard swims hopefully near the shore, looking for a snack from passing humans.

"Who's the handsomest duck of all?  *eyebrow waggle*  Why, it's me!  Me, me, me!  So gimme a snack, hoomin.  And make it snappy."

The breakwater at the marina, with hopeful mallard in the foreground.

Patrol vessels in the Bay.

Ruddy duck in winter plumage.

A rose along the trail.

Another one of the 198,867 daisies in the grass alongside the trail.

This Western grebe has caught a fish.

A jet taking off from nearby San Francisco International Airport passes overhead.

Looking across and inlet we see the XOJet office building, with San Francisco's Sutro Tower poking up behind the palm trees to the left.

Purple fleurs glow in the afternoon sunshine.

Public shore, public trail.

This inlet was dug out into a rectangular channel and was used for building and launching liberty ships during WWII.

Coots feeding in the inlet.

The greenish head distinguishes this greater scaup from the similar-looking lesser scaup.

Channels in the bay.

On our way back to the parking lot we take a shortcut along the street, past some of the bioscience-related businesses based there.  Some of these companies have slightly disconcerting names.

How do you say that without sounding like you're swearing? 

And yet another one of the 217,933 daisies in the grass alongside the trail.

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