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Babelfishing Poetry: "I Will Be Traveling On A Chicken"

Babelfishing Poetry: "I Will Be Traveling On A Chicken"

OK, boys and girls, ready or not, it's time for more Babelfishing poetry, where I take song lyrics, run them through an on-line translator such as (but not necessarily) Babelfish, goof around with the punctuation a bit, and wind up with a quirky kind of poem.

Apropos of Valentine's Day (I know, it was yesterday; gimme a break), here's a little love ditty written by the hit songwriting team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, originally recorded by the Clovers in 1959 and covered by the Searchers in 1964 (the version I'm familiar with), called "Love Potion No. 9" (listen to the Searchers' version here).  Enjoy. 

I Will Be Traveling On A Chicken

President Ruth, you may.
You know, Rome limited gold teeth.
Dad was generous in bed,
34 horsepower without a beer keg.

I will be traveling on a chicken.
I was so since 1956.
Look at the palm of me, you;
she made ​​a magic marker.
He said, "If you like the 9th dose . . ."

I turned instinctively squat.
He said: "My sheep!"
Vegetable oil and the smell of ink, it seems objectively.
Drink with my nose, eyes closed.

I do not know white heaven's blessing.
I started kissing all those places.
Thus, pollution police sum 34 pieces and generosity has received.
We completed an N box, broke.

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