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Gulls At Baylands

Gulls At Baylands

On Saturday D. and I visited The Baylands Nature Preserve , and here's some of the pics I took.

The marsh, which used to be a yacht harbor until the 1980s when the City of Palo Alto stopped dredging it and allowed the tidal salt marsh to re-establish itself.

We stop in at the new EcoCenter, headquarters for the Environmental Volunteers, where we see a scale model of the newly-renovated former harbormaster's building.

The floor has windows in it to observe the action of the tide between the building's pilings.

Since a docent training session is taking place in the building, we curtail our visit and head over to the sailing station, where we see the first of many gulls.

Looking across the marsh we can see Byxbee Park and its Pole Field environmental sculpture.

Obligatory power lines shots.

It is low tide.

A snowy egret catches something for lunch.

Willets, in mud and water.

Mixed flocks of shorebirds congregate on the emerging mud flats as the tide ebbs.

Western gull.

The long-billed dowitcher is well-named.

A gull at the sailing station flies off at our approach.

The dowitcher says, "Let me show you the dance of my people."

The bill of the American avocet is up-turned at the tip to help with probing in the mud for tiny critters to eat.

At the sailing station we see a windsurfer (Homo ventus-nauta paloaltoensis) in his natural habitat.

Nearby we see a traffic cone (Conus trafficus paloaltoensis) in its natural habitat.

A Beechcraft T-34A, once used as a Navy training plane, flies overhead from nearby Palo Alto Airport.

Gulls are difficult to identify.  I think this one is a California gull.

Rusty links in the fencing along the trail.

The Bay Trail.

At the duck pond, we see a domestic duck.

A coot patrols its section of the duck pond.

The pond is swarming with gulls, being very noisy.

"You kids get off my lawn!"

Grumpy gull is grumpy.

This duck looks like it's a hybrid of a mallard and an Indian runner duck.

"I will poop on your car.  I'm a gull.  That's how I roll."

"Me too."

Someone has stuck two bunches of plastic flowers into the ground beside the pond.

Inside the bird sanctuary at the duck pond, we see a Chinese goose.

A California ground squirrel snacks on birdseed left by someone.

More ducks by the duck pond, a mallard and what look like hybrids? 

Duckface: ur doin it rite.

Another look at the gulls before we head home.

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