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San Francisco Flowers 'N' Stuff

San Francisco Flowers 'N' Stuff

On Saturday D. and I had to do an errand in San Francisco, so we made a day of it and went to a couple of flowery places there, and I took some pics.

We first go to the Sunnyside Conservatory, built in 1898 by William Augustus Merralls, inventor and stargazer.

The conservatory itself is closed but the garden is full of interesting things.

Red aeonium.

Variegated aeonium.

There are whimsical little sculptures of fantastical creatures.

This is how I feel when I first wake up in the morning.

More things are in bloom.

Flowering maple (Abutilon) and a protea bud.

D. and I spy another little park across the street, so we go investigate the Joost & Baden Mini-Park.

There are aeoniums here too.

Iris and cherry blossom.

Unknown purple fleurs (geraniums?).

A wall of tiles decorated by schoolchildren.

Melianthus leaves are very dramatic.

Purple hop bush, mallow-like flower and Jerusalem sage.

Euphorbia and echium.

I think this is some kind of geranium, but I'm not sure.

Water drops bead up on textured foliage.

The view from the top of the mini-park at Mangels Ave., looking south toward San Bruno Mountain.

More aeonium, plus pink knotweed, common mallow and an unknown orange fleur.

We have some time to kill so we head over to Glen Canyon Park, where we find lots more interesting things.

Miner's lettuce and wild strawberry.

Color-coded picnic tables.

Bracket fungi and wild iris.

Creekside Loop Trail crosses Islais Creek.

And, this being San Francisco, there goes a guy on a unicycle down the trail.

Daisy, mushrooms and columbine.

The trail is very muddy.

More bracket fungi.

We grab a bite to eat then scout out locations for the best place to see the Bay Lights show after dusk.

Bay Lights.

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