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Guadalupe River - Pahavit's Universe — LiveJournal

Date: 5-30-2013 12:21 AM
Subject: Guadalupe River
Security: Public
Tags:alviso, animal tracks, bee, bird, field trip, floof, flower, guadalupe river, insect, milk snail, pool, seismic device, slough, snail, tule, turkey vulture
Guadalupe River

On Monday, in spite of the unusual overcast and sprinkly weather, D.  and I went to the Guadalupe River in Alviso, and I took these pics.

Guadalupe River.

Lots of flowers (birdfoot trefoil, hawksbeard, wild radish).

Signs of animal life (raccoon tracks, estivating snail and lunching snail).

The river channel, overgrown with vegetation, scattered with isolated pools whose surfaces quiver with raindrops.

More plants (dock, sour clover, tule, floof, grass, hawksbeard and angelica).

The street and railroad bridges over the river are strapped to their piers for enhanced seismic safety.

Union Pacific bridge over the river, and an estivating snail on one of its piers.

A dead tree in the river channel.

More winged creatures (turkey vulture and bee).

The river as it flows down Alviso Slough, and a look upstream.

A tide gate separates the river from a salt evaporation pond near the wildlife refuge.  The gates are locked shut for now.

Even though signs say Keep Out at the wildlife refuge boundary, an open gate seems to beckon us in.

Another look at the Union Pacific bridge over the river.

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