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Arastradero, The Lost Files: June 2008

Arastradero, The Lost Files: June 2008

A recent search for some missing digital photographs of mine uncovered some other pics I had forgotten about.  These are from a visit to Arastradero in June 2008, and were taken by D.

Dry hills rise beyond the parking lot.

Little flags mark places for new native plants.

Buckeyes and checkerbloom.

How does one lose a sock in a nature preserve? 

Vervain, bindweed, teasel.

A birdhouse, and a machine used for maintaining the preserve.

Passing by Arastradero Lake we see yellowjackets and a feather.

Overhead a Cooper's hawk circles.

Farther down the trail, yellowjackets cluster around a dead snake.

Birdfoot trefoil and more teasel.

An acorn woodpecker.

Pied-billed grebes, a Pacific spiketail dragonfly and a bullfrog at Sobey Pond.

Curled dock and rabbitsfoot grass.

A wild turkey comes out of the woods to the edge of the pond for a drink.

But there is a territorial coot in the pond as well.

The coot does not want the turkey to get near the water.

The turkey nervously paces close to the water's edge, and when she gets too close the coot goes on the offensive.  The coot is outweighed by a factor of four.

After spending a few moments smoothing her ruffled feathers, the turkey decides to cede ground to the pint-sized attacker one-quarter her size and retreats back into the woods.

A tree frog in the rushes at the pond's edge.

Thistle and deer.

Matching sock to the other one from earlier up the trail?

Western fence lizard.

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