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Charleston and Shoreline Parks, June 2008

Charleston and Shoreline Parks, June 2008

A recent search for some missing digital photographs of mine uncovered some other pics I had forgotten about.  These are from a visit to Charleston and Shoreline Parks in June 2008, and were taken by D.

Charleston Park is right next to Google's world headquarters, and some googleworker has left a googlebike in the park instead of returning it to the googlecampus.

The peaks of the Shoreline Amphitheatre tent are visible from Charleston Park.

A fig tree grows out of the crown of one of the palms in the park.

This snail snuggles close to a sprinkler head.

Charleston Park bench.

Charleston Park roses.

A biker enjoying a bench, and a squirrel enjoying the grass.

More roses.

A step-like waterfall separates the park from a googlebuilding.  Horsetails grow in between the channels.

Across the street from the googlecampus is Shoreline Park and the Permanente Creek channel, choked with peppergrass.

A dry hillside at Shoreline's Vista Slope.  The little orange cone at the hilltop marks a now-empty burrowing owl nest site.

A dry, shed snakeskin near the trail.

Estivating milk snails.

Hawksbeard and thistle.

NASA Ames Research facility at Moffett Field to the east.

Looking past the Google campus across town toward the Santa Cruz Mountains and fog sliding over the ridge.

Another look at the waterfall in Charleston Park before going home.

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