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Sierra Point

Sierra Point

On Saturday D. and I had an errand to do in San Francisco, and on the way back we spent some time at Sierra Point in Brisbane, and here's some pics I took.

Brisbane Marina.

A Canada goose makes itself at home on the Bay Trail, which runs through the marina.

Keep off the breakwater.

Distant Sutro Tower in San Francisco sticks up above a layer of fog.

Sailboat on the bay.

The riprap next to the trail is alive with ground squirrels.

The trail curves away from the marina toward an office park.

Landscaping around a parking lot includes ice plant, rattlesnake grass, lilies and irises.

The Walmart office building, which we are told is vacant now.

Fleurs of various (unknown) kinds.

Another office building down the road gleams like an azure jewel.

Wild flowers: blackberry blossom and thistle bud.

More buildings next to an enormous empty lot.

The enormous empty lot is full of feral tires, painted in stripes which could be interpreted as their breeding plumage.

We're Number One.

The medium is the message.

Reflective office building is reflective.

Anti-perching devices atop lighting fixtures in front of the reflective building.


The reflective building juts like a gleaming hatchet into the late afternoon sky.

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